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    Guangdong Textile Polytechnic , approved by the People’s Government of Guangdong Province and directly supervised by the Ministry Education , is a full-time vocational institute. As the only comprehensive institute of textile and fashion in Guangdong, GDTP is an important training base for talents in the fields of textile and fashion . The institute is situated in the heart of the grand city of Foshan, and it provides a nice and pleasant campus for about 6,000 students coming from Guangdong, Guangxi , Hainan , Hunan , Hubei , Jainagxi , Anhui , Henan , Shangdong and so on.
    The institute consists of eight departments and two sections, offering 33 specialties -- Textile Department, Light Chemistry Engineering Department, Fashion Department , Department of Art Design, Department of Mechanical & Electrical Technology, Department of Information Technology, Department of Economics & Management, Department of Applied Foreign Languages, Basic Courses Section, and Continuing Education Section .
    The institute possesses a highly-capable faculty, an abundant network source of both full-time and part-time domestic and overseas experts, of which 80% are professors or lecturers and 30% are “dual-qualification” teachers with both academic and other practical knowledge. Now the institute has proposed a preferable policy --- “Master’s Degree or Doctor’s Degree Project” --- in order to optimize the academic structure of its teachers. Besides, with all work computerized and programmed well, the institute has set up more than 60 well-equipped teaching laboratories including the Training Center for Fashion Design & Engineering, the Textile Training Center, the Textile Testing Center, the Textile & Chemistry Research Center, the Small-entrepreneur Development Center, the Prosper English Language Center and so on. A world-class knitting technique laboratory, which was co-established by the institute and German Mayer & Cie Company, is used to train the knitting technicians.In addition, to further its educational reform, the institute is in contact with organizations in UK, Australia, Singapore, Germany, U.S., and Hong Kong for various forms of educational cooperation.
    The institute has a well-defined approach of how to operate its institute. It attaches importance to teaching research and course construction, making great efforts in the cultivation of our students’ character and ability. Many honors at national、provincial and municipal levels have been achieved by this institute for its good performance. For example, the course for “Self-employment” was named “the National – level College Excellent Course ” in 2004 and won the Second Prize in the provincial teaching Competition; In addition, the institute boasts three Provincial-level Model Specialties --- “Modern Textile Technology” ( 2005), “Dyeing & Finishing Technology” (2005), and “Fashion Design” (2006). In 2007, the Fashion Design Training Base was established with the help of the government. Furthermore, the students have also achieved many national awards, such as “China Cup”, ‘Teacher & Student Cup”, “Challenge Cup” and so on.
    The institute also attaches great importance to career guidance for its students. Education and other career-oriented policies, such as adopting “Dual-diplomas” evaluation system, and encouraging students to become self-employers. As a result, 99% of graduate students have found employment in 2006, and 99.9% in 2007. This figure tops all the universities in Guangdong Province and GDTP is prized as one of the star institutes in the National Vocational College Employment Competition.
    Now with the encouragement and good policy from the government, the institute is launching forth a bigger program to turn the institute into a first-class vocational institute of China by construction of a new campus in Gaoming Area, Foshan City.
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